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ASIA FRESH is a leading flagship exhibition of fruit and vegetable industry in China. As a B2B Trading platform, ASIA FRESH is deeply cultivating domestic resources, keep close ties with growers, distributors, retailers and ancillary service providers. It has served as the industrial chain docking platform for fruit trading and technology sharing since 2007.

It has attracted the support and participation of international partners from Italy, France, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and so on.

Scope of Exhibits


Leafy Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Yam, Cauliflower, Pods, Melons, Canola, Onion, Ginger, Water, Lettuce, Dehydrated Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables

Fruit And Vegetable Origin
Inspection & Quarantine Supplier

Moisture Tester, Soil Testing, Brix Test Machine


Fresh Fruit, Cutting Products, Processing Fruits, Nuts, Organic Products, Dry Fruit, Frozen Fruit, Canned Products

Cold Chain Preservation Technology & Logistics

Warehouse, Tracing Technologies & System, Cold Chain Supplier, Cooling Equipment, Frozen Equipment

Harvesting & Sorting Equipment

Harvesting Machine, Classification and Sorting, Intelligent Detection, Delivery

Edible Fungus

Edible Fungus Species, Related Products

Deep-Processing Technology & Equipment

Washing, Juicing, Peeling, Boil, Sterilization, Concentrating, Cooling, Vegetable Processing Equipment, Inkjet Printer, Analysis System, Anti- Counterfeiting Packaging Technology & Equipment.


Packaging Material, Packaging Box, Packaging Equipment

Fresh E-Commerce & Retail Operations

Commerce Information Manager System, E-Commerce, Display Equipment, Storage, Food Processing Equipment, Label Equipment, On-Line Trade Platform

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Authoritative - Exclusive partnership with China Fruit Marketing Association (CFMA)

Asia Fresh is the exclusive official authorized exhibition hosted by CFMA. With the strong support of CFMA, ASIA FRESH will become an even more appealing platform for both domestic and abroad fruit industry.

Proven Track Record - Preferred professional platform for fruit and vegetable trade

ASIA FRESH Cooperated with Royal Dutch Exhibition Group VUN Jaarberus to build up an international exposition in China. Also jointly held 2017 edition with MACFRUT, an Italian National Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition, ASIA FRESH has successfully assembled 31 Italian companies with 1000sqm. in total for Italy Pavilion. In addition to the Italian, ASIA FRESH presented France, Turkey, Holland, Japan Pavilions etc. in 2018 edition as well.

Year Round activities with Full supply chain - origins, equipment and qualified fruit resources

ASIA FRESH organizes a large number of site tours to fruit origins. The delegates are trade purchasers and technical service providers from all over the country. Through these visits and studies, ASIA FRESH maintains a good relationship with not only origins but also all the industry practitioners.

Professionalism - match making for in and out

ASIA FRESH brings together large, medium and small fruit chains in China for training and learning. At the same time, ASIA FRESH selects purchasers for exhibitors through the year.

Extensive Promotions

ASIA FRESH owns some social media accounts and the PV of the hottest article in fruit industry which ranks first among all the industry media publications.

Concurrent Events

01 The 2nd East China Fruit Industry Channel Business Conference
02 Summit on Fruit Industry
03 Press Conference on New product Brand
04 2019 Spring Reverse Purchasing Conference

Meet Quality Buyers from Leading Enterprises to Explore Partnership and Cooperation at the Show

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